Picture of Nancy J. McKenzie

Nancy J. McKenzie

Nancy J. McKenzie, the brand’s first Franchisee, is a 1983 graduate of the University of Morehead, Kentucky Christian College and was admitted to the St. Georges University School of Medicine. After completing her education, Nancy returned to her hometown of Ashland, Kentucky and joined the partnership with her father and brothers, “McKenzie Enterprises, Inc.”

In 1975 the McKenzie family entered the Restaurant Business when Nancy’s father, James C. McKenzie, became a franchisee of the Western Steer Steakhouse concept. In 1989 Nancy’s family expanded their business, becoming franchisees of the Long John Silver’s restaurant brand and opened a LJS in Grayson, Kentucky. At the same time, the parent company of LJS, Jerrico, Inc., was developing the Fazoli’s concept and Nancy and her partners immediately recognized the potential of the Italian quick-service concept.

After Fazoli’s was acquired by Seed Restaurant Group in 1990, McKenzie Enterprises moved quickly and became Fazoli’s first franchisee with Nancy at the helm of operations, opening the first franchise location in Ashland, Kentucky in October 1991, followed by a second location that opened in March of 1993 in nearby Huntington West Virginia. By 2004 McKenzie Enterprises had acquired seven Fazoli’s locations from three separate operators, spreading McKenzie Enterprises across the four states of Kentucky, West Virginia, Ohio and Virginia.

Nancy was named the esteemed Fazoli’s Franchisee of the Year in 2021 after being recognized for 30 years of continuous service to the brand. In her local communities Nancy has participated and competed in Tri-State Leadership of Kentucky, Ohio and West Virginia, and Leadership Portsmouth, Ohio where developing young leaders are challenged to become an integral part of the local community’s future and where business leaders present coordinated strategies for economic improvement. Additionally, Nancy served as the Southwestern appointee to the board at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio where she served on the curriculum committee, whose function was to review, update and ensure current class offerings were appropriate for the degree work students were required to complete.

McKenzie Enterprises continues to operate four franchised Fazoli’s restaurants in Kentucky and West Virginia. Nancy has served as McKenzie Enterprises Chief Operating Officer, and she most currently serves as President of the McKenzie Enterprise organization.

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