Our guests come for our delicious pasta entrees, salads, and Submarinos.  However, they come back over and over again to get our delicious garlic buttery breadsticks.  We believe that life is better with breadsticks, and we hope you do too.

The Italian word, Grissini means “breadsticks.”  Bread is a crucial part of an Italian meal.  You know when you have eaten all of the pasta, but there is still sauce left in the bowl?  You’re in public so you don’t want to lick the plate, so the obvious solution is to use a breadstick to mop up the remaining sauce.  This concept is so important to Italians that they actually have a word for it:  Scarpetta.  This literally translates to “Little Shoe.”  In fact, Italian people can be divided into two groups:  Those that scarpetta, and those who have not developed the fine motor skills to do it yet (babies). In an Italian meal, the expectation is that you save some bread for the end of the meal just so that you can use it as a scarpetta.  At Fazoli’s, there’s no need to save any bread for the end of your meal, though, because when you dine-in, we’re happily serving unlimited breadsticks throughout your meal.

Our restaurant teams bake our famous breadsticks in our restaurants all day, every fifteen minutes to ensure you get fresh hot bread for every visit.  Our breadsticks are so buttery with the perfect amount of garlic that they are absolutely irresistible.

The best thing about our breadsticks (besides their perfect buttery and garlicky flavor) is that they are unlimited when you dine-in.  We serve over 100 million breadsticks to our guests each and every year.  Breadsticks are so important to our identity, that preparing them is the first thing we train each and every employee we have in our restaurants.

Breadstick Sliders

In 2018, we took our famous breadstick dough and use it to make small slider buns.  We used these to make our Fazoli’s breadstick sliders.  An instant classic was born!  We bake them and topped them ingredients like meatballs, Genoa salami, pepperoni, capicola, and mozzarella cheeses.  The end result is hand-held snackable sandwiches made on the most perfect bread ever—a Fazoli’s breadstick!  If you haven’t had one yet, make sure you come in and try one.

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