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S’mores Breadstick Bites

At Fazoli’s we know we are kind of famous for our breadsticks. Early in 2019 we launched our first breadstick dessert, Cinnamon Swirl Breadstick Bites. They were so popular we created a new breadstick dessert—Our S’Mores Breadstick Bites! A classic S’More is made with graham cracker, marshmallow, and a chocolate bar. We made sure to include all of these classic ingredients in ours. We chop our breadsticks and toss them in brown sugar, cinnamon, and graham cracker crumbs. We top it with toasted marshmallows and melted milk chocolate. Your first bite will be so amazingly delicious you’ll have to have some more (That’s where the name S’more comes from, you’ll want “some more.”)