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Chicken Parm Lasagna

We couldn’t decide if we wanted to create a new lasagna entrée or a new chicken Parm entrée.  Instead, we decided to do both.  We created the Chicken Parm Lasagna:  Lasagna made out of Chicken Parm!  Traditionally lasagna is made from sheets of pasta layered with sauce, ricotta, and mozzarella.  We have taken out the pasta and switched it for chicken.  You will get two whole pieces of Chicken Parmesan.  Between them will be Alfredo sauce and our cheesy lasagna filling made from ricotta and Parmesan cheese.  On top of it all is marinara and mozzarella. We bake it until golden brown and it is served with your choice of spaghetti marinara or a new veggie blend made with Parmesan roasted broccoli and fire-roasted red peppers.