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BLT Slider

Pepperoni BLT Breadstick Slider

The Bacon Lettuce Tomato sandwich has been around for over 100 years, however the abbreviated name, BLT, has only been in use since the 70s.  Our Pepperoni BLT Breadstick Slider takes the deliciousness of a BLT, pepperoni, and a Fazoli’s breadstick all in one snack-size sandwich.  We have made slider buns out of our famous breadstick dough and brushed them with the same garlic-buttery goodness as we do our breadsticks.  We then top it with lettuce, sliced tomato, crispy bacon, and mayonnaise.  That sounds like the perfect BLT, right?  Well, we make it even better by adding five crispy pepperoni chips.  You may be asking yourself, “What’s a pepperoni chip?”  We take pepperoni and roast it in the oven just long enough to turn it into a crispy chip.  You’ll be wondering why you haven’t been putting pepperoni on your BLTs your entire life.